Instantly Gain 'The Unfair Advantage'
Over Your Biggest Competitors.

No matter what kind of products and services you are selling online (or through the post), you can now have the unfair advantage over your 'biggest competitors' by legally stealing a carefully hand-picked selection of my own proven direct mail letters, ads, order forms and other order-pulling marketing materials!

When I say legally steal, I mean you can instantly swipe virtually every sales letter I have ever written and used to market my hot-selling information products, software programs and live workshops/seminars in the last 10+ years...

Which by the way, and without meaning to boast, have generated well over $16Million in sales since I started out out in business for myself! ...

With what I am offering you today, you'll be able to immediately go and put my personal reference library of killer sales material to work in your own business.

Imagine what would happen to YOUR SALES CONVERSION RATES .... when you begin to use my copywriting... could you cope with all the extra orders?

I'm not joking... You see, Just one of the direct mail sales letters (which you'll find starting on page 1 of the 2nd ring-binder), was responsible for single-handedly bringing in over 5,000 sales of just 1 product... If you're wondering that that means in terms of cold hard cash, if my maths are correct @ $143.95 per product sold that equates to a whopping $719,750 worth of sales.

And that's just one of the letters included in the package.

The problem at the time was there was only 'me' in the office to manually process all those orders.

I barely coped.

I even had to tell people that rang up to place orders over the phone or wanted to ask me questions, to call me back later because I was 'simply too busy' looking after the existing orders that had already been confirmed and needed to be shipped out the same day.

How would you like to be in a position like that? I remember being told at the time by my mentor "What a nice problem to have.." I agree! 🙂

Like me, I bet that's not the kind of problem you'd mind having to solve.

The Unfair Advantage Swipe File package contains over 335 pages of equally powerful and effective direct response sales materials and all were developed and tested to be successful for businesses like yours.

Everything that's included for you in the package are all are proven winners and each copywriting example has it's own story to tell as you're about to find out!

Let's take a look at some of the jewels you'll find in this collection of winning salesletters ...

Ring Binder Volume 1

  • Hand-written margin notes on every page of every piece of copywriting, explaining how and why the copywriting was prepared in the way it was, allowing you to understand the psychology behind each and every section.
  • Detailed information explaining how to get the most out of your written communication, whether it's a press release, single page letter or full direct response mailing pack (in the offline world), or how to make the most of your written work on a website if you are commit to working 100% online.
  • A certified and stamped Copyright Permission Certificate that allows you to re-purpose each and every salesletter for your own purpose without having to pay a single penny in royalties.
  • A recent online sales letter that sold an information product about starting an Internet business that would bring in a perpetual income. The result was 623 copies sold @ $67+P&P per copy = $41,741 total sales revenue.
  • A sales letter that hauled in $25,000 in revenue in the first 30 days it was online! And over $32,520 in 60 days!
  • A unique 'story-based sales letter' that was written BEFORE I'd even had chance to set eyes on the product, which I'd licensed from a guy in the USA. Yet despite this, the letter went on to sell over 2,000 copies at $57+P&P - Subsequently other UK resellers popped up... and struggled to sell the same product on ebay for a 10th of the price I had set. This letter just rocked!
  • An in depth 64 page online salesletter that sold tickets to a 2-day weekend Internet Marketing seminar I was hosting. The first time I used it, following the workshop I was able to buy myself the car of my schoolboy dreams for cash. An Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Supercar. The second time the letter was used, it brought in more than enough money to send my son to a Private School for the entire of his secondary education.
  • The first sales letter I wrote to sell a $697+vat business opportunity that worked beyond my wildest dreams. I had to draft in the entire family to pack boxes on this one it worked so well. Some 800+ orders later, it had helped me pull in over half a million quid.
  • The personal sales letter I wrote explaining how I went from working in a car park for $3.20 to an Internet Marketing Success pulling in a $million+ on the Internet. This sales letter brought in over 2,300 sales and also helped me to launch my first membership website.

That was just a small glimpse at what's included in Binder 1... Now let's take a closer look at the contents of the second ring-binder.

Ring Binder Volume 2

  • As I mentioned above, the first letter found in this ring-binder worked like gang-busters. When I first mailed this letter in the post it pulled in a massive 7% response rate at $143.95. We went on to mail over 200,000 letters in 4 weeks. Needless to say I kept re mailing and re mailing this letter over and over again in the months that followed. It always brought in a healthy profit.
  • If you have not worked out how much money hit my bank following that 4-week mailing campaign yet. 7% of 200,000 is 4,000 sales @ $143.95 each ($575,800) I had serious trouble keeping my credit card merchant account open that month!
  • Next in the package come The 3rd revision of the letter that allowed my to completely pay off my mortgage and buy the Country House I had set my heart on. I can't for the life of me find versions 1 & 2 but they were very similar. The result of this letter was 600 sales at anywhere between $697 and $1297 while I was price testing. At the very least it pulled in $418,200 but I would conservatively put that at more like $550,000 or even a little higher. Spread over 24 pages. This was another high earning sales letter for me as you can imagine.
  • The sales letter that sold the first ever product I wrote and made from scratch. Went on to sell 3,000 copes at $57+P&P used both online and through the post. (less than 1% returns with a 30 day full money back guarantee too. - Personally this is my favourite letter of them all and is so easily adaptable to virtually any new product.
  • My recent Christmas Offer online promotional letter to encourage new members to join the Internet Marketing Training Club website. How well does it work? in 2013 It brought in 70 new members in 45 days @ $81+vat ($5,670) and has worked equally well in previous years going back to circa 2004.
  • If software products and WordPress plug ins are your niche, then this penultimate website sales letter will get your juices flowing. Originally, the first version of this sales letter, sold a software product I developed with a Ukrainian programmer in 2004. That software went on to sell over 10,000 copies on clickbank at $67... More recently I re-wrote the letter for my new software called Targeted Lead Finder. Since its launch in October last year we already have over 300 users and continue to sell copies every single day.
  • The final direct response sales letter is another favourite, as I have lost count of the number of times I have re-written and re purposed it for small intimate workshops. It's been used for everything from beginners workshops, wordpress workshops and more recently Facebook workshops. Never failing to sell each time it has been used. In total I think I have re-written this one at least 5 times. Last time it was used it pulled in $4,158 during a month that is typically a quiet one for online marketing.
  • Day-to-day correspondence letters. Invaluable tools for the mechanics of running your business. Includes: letters to banks to process Standing Order Payments, refund letters, credit card chargeback defence letters, renewal letters, thank you notes, etc. etc.
  • An entire section of letters used to promote and conduct seminars. (Putting together your own seminar can be extremely profitable!)
  • Plus of course 25 additional Order Forms and Thank You letter examples to enclose with your outgoing products. You'll find tremendously valuable in the day-to-day operation of your business.

This amazing collection of copywriting material is one of those 'real treasures' that no small business should be without!

Each segment of The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files has played a part in what amounts to my personal $6Million success story. But please understand I have not included the details about how much each sales letter has made me here to 'boast' FAR FROM IT!

I simply want to demonstrate to you that these sales letters are proven sellers and convert really well. They have served me well. And now its your turn to put the words they contain to work for you too.

Because that's exactly what's being offered to you today.

Imagine having, at your fingertips, 335 pages of examples of direct mail copy that really work!

Plus of course you will also receive a Certified Copyright Permission Certificate that enables you to directly copy/edit/paste/ reuse and rework any of the copywriting included in The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files and re purpose it for your own use to help you market and sell your own products.

With this package at your side, there is no reason why you cannot immediately transform your salesletters into killer order-pulling machines that sell and sell and then sell some more... it'll be like like having a license to print money, just like they've already been for me!

Now For Some More Great News...

This powerful collection of winning ads and sales letters could easily be worth thousands of pounds to you. In fact, it's pretty much like having a direct marketing expert on call 24 hours a day.

In fact if you haven't already done so, have you checked into the prices of hiring a direct-marketing expert for just one hour? You can easily spend $1,000 an hour for a top expert's advice by phone.

But, now you can have a huge "library" of expert ads and sales letters, for much less than you'd pay for just one hour of advice from an expert.

In fact I think you will be quite pleasantly surprised when you realise just how affordable I have made it for you to get your hands on this unique and amazing package of The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files.

When I came to putting a price
on this package I struggled a bit,
I have to admit.

I didn't struggle putting the contents together, that was relatively easy. I just compiled everything that has worked for me over the years!

But putting a price on the value of the content was extremely difficult. After all, when you consider the investment in my copywriting education, advice I have taken from copywriting professionals, plus the revenue these materials have generated.. and then plus the fact I am issuing you with written permission to literally COPY my sales letters and use them as your own... I honestly believe this package has tens of thousands of pounds worth of value.

But here is what I have finally decided:

The equivalent of just 89 cents per page of pure sales copy mastery.

To make these sales materials available to those people I know need them the most... YOU! I have decided to set the price at an extremely affordable $297+ $6 S&H and because you will be receiving all the sales letters in a printed format(2 x full colour ring bound manuals).

All orders will be shipped to your door via courier.

Fair enough?

I thought you would think so. However knowing me as you should by now, I have also decided to add in an additional bonuses for you.

I really want you to be successful in using these salesletters and I want you to get the MOST out of adapting them to your own specific requirements. With this in mind, I would also like to invite you to because a founding member and student for a brand new copywriting based website I am launching this month entitled "How To Write Copy That Sells".

I would like to gift you the 1st Month's membership (and the first 2 two lessons) of this brand-new 12 part copywriting academy website. Plus all the regular bonuses that full fee paying students will receive with my full compliments.

Regular student enrolment to the online training area is at a cost of just $20 per month and the course lasts for a total of 6 months. However when you legally steal your copy of The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files today, I will enrol you automatically for your first month for FREE.

Plus, of course you are under no obligation to continue with your copywriting studies at "How To Write Copy That Sells" if you decide, that you do not with to continue onto Module Three or receive any further copywriting bonuses or swipe files, simple let us know and we will cancel your ongoing obligations. However when you see exactly what's included within the online learning environment, I think canceling will be the last thing on your mind.

Whatever you decide, I know it will be the right decision for you.

So let's wrap this up.

If you are developing or marketing information products, software programs or WordPress Plug-in for sale on the Internet or though the post... Or want to be... This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab hold of my swipe file marketing library.

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Nick James

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